Pizza Crust

Two Nights Method – Best flavor and texture


1000 g Flour
600 g Warm Water
10 g Salt 10g
1 g Active Yeast


Combine all ingredents in mixer and knead until dough passes the window paine test. Move to large container and cover. Dough will double so make sure container is large enough. Allow dough to rise in fridge for 2 days (I start the dough two nights before I make pizza).

Remove from fridge in the morning. Let the dough sit out for a couple of hours. Punch down and portion out into individual balls of dough (220g to 300g) each. Cover and leave out until ready to make pizzas.


Rolling out the dough take practice and it is hard to explain. There are a lot of videos out there that show different methods. I would look some up and try them out.